Winter Escapes in hats

Who doesn't like Winter escapes?  I mean when you live in the rainy NW I think they are absolutely crucial and I will do whatever I have to to save my pennies all year so that our family can escape the cloud for a wee bit in January.

This year we hit up Todos Santos in Baja and absolutely loved it.  It was our second trip there.  Our first trip was over 10 years ago and we were dusty and jaded after a long drive down the Baja peninsula with 4 of us stuffed like sardines in Chris's old Tacoma.  This trip we did it up and rented an affordable house with friends and families.  We made tacos for dinner and tacos for breakfast.  We got swell, yoga, sunshine, laughter, and sickness.  Chris got some kind of flu plauge 3 days into the trip but still rallied around and laid on beaches and pretended to have fun.  He did a good job of faking it and not feeling guilty for doing absolutely nothing. 

Either way the sunshine and the waves reset us and solidified that in the slower month of hat sales of January we need a break from technology, work, and distractions.   Grab your hats and get out there, always.  

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Please allow from 2-6 days for shipping,  as we have a small crew and dealing with the impact of the fires. 

Also, we have cloth masks!  Please link to them through our Etsy shop to purchase.  Stay well, take care of each other and enjoy your outdoor explorations in the best way you can.

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