Having an Eye- Photography

Last year photographer Megan Newton reached out to me in an excited email about wanting to do some photos with us at Blowfish.  It was like she read my mind as we were going through some transitions in the business and were looking for some fresh energy and projects to re fuel the stoke.   She found us on a whim because she loved the hats and wanted to come find us up in the Northwest to catch some good light before the Winter came in.

We had barely even had a 15 minute conversation on the phone but I invited Megan to come stay with us in our barely moved into new house and said let's do this!  Megan and I hit it off like peanut butter and jelly to be honest.  She holds a depth and has a very genuine sense of wonder and compassion about her.  These are obviously attributes of a solid human and the kind of person I like to keep around, but I also feel like they are crucial traits of a storyteller when it comes to taking great photos.

We spent 3 days hitting the hills around White Salmon and taking photos.  Megan had such a great attitude and blew me away with her succinct skills in getting people to come to life in front of the camera and with her eye for color and light.  She seems to seek moments that are real and authentic between people or between us and the natural environment.  As she says, "I believe that human connection is the common thread that gives all of our lives meaning, and it is our finite gift of time to experience those connections that compels me to make photographs."

Check out more of her work or consider her next time you want the real deal photos.  Megan has intention in her work and we are so grateful that we got to collaborate with her.


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