Evolving into our Best Baby Hat

We have been scoping out new baby hat ideas for over a year now.  Ever since we started making the infant caps we have been on the quest to make them better for those little wee heads.

At a trunk show in Carlsbad last year we met another clothing maker who recommended a hat maker in San Diego.  With so many people in this industry closing up shop as more and more manufacturing has gone overseas it had been hard to source the right place to actually build some custom hats.

Our custom hat guy was ready and willing.  Earlier this year we finally bit the bullet and ordered our first batch of baby hats.  We wanted them to have a flexy fit, fit a little bit longer (3 months-2.5 years) and we wanted to them to be quality made.  It was hard to give up the hand stitched part of this hat, but it felt like getting them totally made in the USA by a small company was more important to us.  At Blowfish, we strongly believe in localizing consumption and supporting communities closer to home is very important and aligns with our values as a family and a company.

We still are making these hats in small runs of fabric to keep the looks fresh and the babies styley.  Check out our shop to see what is available!


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