Teamwork means lean work

Here at Blowfish Designs we would like to prioritize and maximize outside time as much as possible.  Yet, as many know, when you run a business that can actually be easier said then done.  With a son at home and a husband working I find myself having a total meltdown over to do's and wasn't sure how to explain to someone what to do to help. 

Up adventuring up near Mt. Adams together

So what do you do?  Hire fresh energy!  Someone capable who you like to be around!  Enter Ashley.  I met Ashley at her sewing studio in White Salmon.  She has a dreamy little sewing workshop where she creates her own upcycled clothing and stashes her stacks of collected textiles, buttons, snaps, and all the rest of sewing doodads.  My mind immediately starts churning up ideas of collaborating on scrap fabric projects, making matching gear, or just working on a collection to bring to Summer festivals when I meet people like this.  She has full sewing skills, a great attitude, and up for adventures. 

Ashley started working for us early in the Summer in the office helping manage our online sales, listings, and shipping.  We are always off on little tangents talking shop and I look forward to seeing her work online soon so that she can show off her real sewing masterfulness.  This Winter we may bunker down and get those sewing machines churning in the off season.  

We are so thankful to have some help this Summer and know that as a small business it can be so hard to scale up one step at a time and get help.  Although it truly is part of what it means to keep the dream ticking.  By hiring local creatives who are on the way to launching their own ideas into the world we hope we are fostering a path for success on a larger scale.  

Ashley, rocking the cord style


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