The late Winter dreaming

It is early March and I can feel it in my toes.  I walked outside without shoes on (very briefly) yesterday and started to envision all the gardening ideas that are springing up on me and it sent happiness right up through me.  It is not here yet, but I can smell it in the air while witnessing those first itsy bitsy wildflowers popping up on the trail near my house.

With Spring comes the rush of ideas of what to make happen, what to do next, and my creative pulse really ramps up.  Blowfish is pondering some fun designs for the upcoming seasons as we plug away at some initial samples.  Along with new fabrics and artist collab's we are dreaming of T-shirts with hand stitched pockets,  corduroy hat with embroidery,  felt hats with plant dyed straps,  more scrap fabric pouches.  These are just seeds being planted and they will vie for our time but I am excited to feel new ideas come through again.  

What would you like to see us do?  It is almost full on hat season!  What new products could you see Blowfish bringing to life?  Is there any types of fabric or artworks that you are itching to see this Summer?  Reach out to us!  Let us know.  As a family living in a small town we are not always up with all the current hip looks and love to hear from you.  Till then I am just waiting for that ground to warm a bit more so I can walk around barefoot and start letting these ideas come to life!  



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