Making hats for businesses we love

One of my favorite parts of making custom hats is really, real deal, making custom hats that you would see nowhere else.  Working closely with other small businesses to create something that is unique to them, their brand, their mission and their personalities is a crucial part of what we do.   We met Kristin & Colin, of Blue Bus Cultured Foods, when we first moved to the Gorge a little over a year ago.  I fell in love with their products almost immediately when I tasted them.  As we grew to know them we saw that their cultured foods & their business is really an extension of who they are and what they believe in.

By making a varied array of cultured foods know the power of growing locally by is an integral part of concocting their seasonal batches.  Their krauts and kombuchas are chock full of yummy probiotics and nutrients that are rich in flavor and diversity.   When they are not busy in the kitchen making their dream real they are out delivering their krauts to stores all through the Columbia Gorge, wild harvesting herbs and mushrooms for special editions, playing in the river or in the mountains, or just grounding out with their little girl Uma around White Salmon.

We are so happy to share in location and small business owning with these guys.  They got to pick their own fabrics and work closely with us during the design process.  These connections are what make it all worth it. By giving them a opportunity to promote their business through a hand crafted product makes these local partnerships very symbiotic.

Check them out at local New Seasons or any markets in Hood River /White Salmon.  Also, to meet them in person go by the Farmer's Market and try them out in person!

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